Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shanley TV?

Shanley TV is a student-run club that broadcasts Shanley High School events for viewers around the world to enjoy. The club began broadcasting events in 2015.

Who makes up the crew for a Shanley TV broadcast?

Shanley students make up the crew for broadcasts on Shanley TV. Students volunteer to cover all aspects of the production including on-air play-by-play and color commentary, camera operation, and other production equipment operation. Through Shanley TV, students gain valuable experience working with state-of-the-art production equipment and learn what it takes to broadcast live events. Two faculty advisors from Shanley High School train students and oversee the productions.

Are you broadcasting _____ game?

To find out if we'll be covering a specific game, please visit to view our upcoming broadcasts schedule.

What sports do you broadcast?

Shanley TV aims to cover as many sports as possible. We broadcast select football, volleyball, soccer, hockey, basketball, and softball games.

Do you broadcast away games?

Due to the significant logistics involved with a remote broadcast, Shanley TV generally only covers home games played at Shanley High School. We do take our production on the road for select South-Shanley hockey broadcasts for games played at Scheels Arena.

Why aren't you covering _____ game?

While we aim to cover as many games as possible, we unfortunately can't cover them all. Each broadcast requires that 5-8 student volunteers and at least one faculty advisor be present at the game. Volunteering for a broadcast doesn't just include the time attending the game, it includes all the time spent setting up and tearing down equipment. The more students that volunteer for Shanley TV, the more games we can cover! We're always looking for more student volunteers, so please encourage your student to contact the Shanley TV faculty advisors to learn more about helping out with our broadcasts.

Do you broadcast playoff games?

Shanley TV does not broadcast playoff games. Broadcast rights for playoff games are controlled by the North Dakota High School Activities Association (NDHSAA). The NDHSAA has sold all playoff broadcast rights to Forum Communications (WDAY-TV), BEK TV, and the NFHS Network.

How can I help support Shanley TV broadcasts?

Generous supporters of Shanley TV including the Shanley Athletic Club and the Deacon Partner Program help make our broadcasts possible, but so too do generous individual donors. If you are interested in making a financial contribution to support Shanley TV, please click here to learn more.

The broadcast I am trying to watch isn't working. What should I do?

If you are experiencing issues with a Shanley TV broadcast, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify you have a strong internet connection capable of streaming high-quality live video
  • Try refreshing the page to reload the player
  • If you have another internet-connected device available, try watching the broadcast on that device
  • Visit our Twitter account to see if we have posted any updates regarding any technical difficulties on our end