As Fall Sports Seasons End, Shanley TV Announces it Will Not Cover Postseason Games

As our fall season of sports coverage comes to a close, Shanley TV wants to let our viewers know that we will not be covering any postseason (playoff) games this year for fall sports. State championship tournaments have long been covered under a television rights contract with the NDHSAA that prohibits other entities from televising the games. In addition to the television rights contract, there is also a contract between the NDHSAA and the NFHS Network that imposes a large licensing fee for other postseason games not managed under the television rights contract. This means Shanley TV would have to pay a large licensing fee in order to broadcast a single playoff game. Therefore, we will not be broadcasting any postseason games this fall, and instead will focus on preparing for winter sports. We are certainly disappointed that we will not be able to bring you these playoff games, but we are excited to kickoff the winter sports season in just over a month. Thanks for your support of Shanley TV!